No niin... Kauan sitten lupaamani haastattelu on nyt sitten saatu kasattua teidän luettavaksi asti. Eli suorinta tietä asiaan: Vosut ja äpärät, tässä teille ex-BT-mies Rich Hoak ja TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION!

Henkka: When did you get the idea to create Total Fucking Destruction?

Rich: Total fucking destruction is an idea born out of the stupidity of the human raceŠŠ.. i am amazed and sickened almost every day by stupid, mean and destructive actions made by individual humans, as well as larger organizations of humansŠŠtotal fucking destruction is the prophecy and the prophet: we bring the message of total fucking destruction in cloud of ganja smoke; through crustyblackgrindpunk, live and on demosŠŠŠ

H: And in what bands have its members played before?

R: There have been no other bands before total fucking destruction, there will be no other bands afterŠ..

H: TFD seems to have a lot of humour. When I heard TFD for the first time I was positively surprised by its humorous tracknames like: "Madeleine Allbright Is Sexy" and "Fear Of Black Metal". I love it but how have people take it?As we all know you were the drummer of BT that made songs about serious happenings in the world and of the shit that people throw on each other.Have you had any negative feedback from BT fans about it?

R: I've always felt the real brutal truth fans would always be looking for crazier, more extreme music, so I don't look for any negative feedback from themŠŠ.as for serious songs: there is a lot of humor in tfd, but it is sarcastic humor and mostly commentary on worldwide human fuckups: total fucking destruction encourages all people to wise up and come together, but since no one seems to get it, we intend to party as the world slowly strangles in human filthŠ.. The key to "fear of a black metal planet" is the last line: "I'm not afraid of a black metal planet" meaning a real black metal planet: burn down all of the churches, not just a few in norwayŠ.and while you are at it burn down the schools, libraries, etc etc Madeleine Allbright Is Sexy: she is a sexy target for a terrorist, he's watching for her airplane as she flys over bosnia/kosovo/etc dropping bombs everywhereŠ.it is just a short story of modern day low intensity warfare

H: Will TFD do an album in the near future and has any label offered it a deal yet?

R: We are about to finish our second demo and then we'll leave for the grind over europe # tourŠ. after that we don't have too many plans, so if any record labels are reading this get in touchŠI don't really plan to take a tfd demo and "shop it to labels"Š.it is not a band with music or attitude for bullshit like that; if some cool people want to make a cd of the music that's cool, but I want the right to be able to put fuck you on the front of the cd if I wantŠ..tfd is a fuck you type band, so you never know

H: Do you have any other new project and if you do what kind of music does it play? By the is Caveman doing? I saw that Caveman plays in the BT tribute.

R: Caveman is just a studio project, fooling around with the 8 trackŠ.it is only tribal drums and grunting and scream, no lyrics, the music that cavemen makeŠ.between deaf american recordings and tfd I don't seem to have time for much else

H: How do you find time to run your label Def American Recordings and to play in a band that is on the road?

R: TFD is not on the road, though we do play a lot of shows, they are mostly on the east coast usaŠ.we went to canada for a week, did a week and 1/2 mini tour with groinchurn, and we'll be gone for about 3 weeks for the GOE3 tourŠŠ..this still gives me almost enough time for the label and other personal life stuffŠŠ.in BT, we might be on tour for 7- 8 months in a year, plus recording etc etc

H: When you are in your home do you listen the same kind of music that you make and produce (for example death metal, grindcore....etc.)?

R: No, I listen to all kinds of stuffŠI listen to talk radio when I am working at the computer, because the music will distract meŠ..i like crazy free form jazz: sun ra, mingus, james blood ulmer, I listen to demos that people send to deafam and records I buy at yard sales/secondhand sales as well as 7" vinyl that I collect up

H: Will we hear of Rich Hoak in the near future?

R: I have a single bullet theory About one person with one gun The single bullet theory It's how the next war might be won They all believe in the single bullet theory One person with one gun can get worldwide media attention They all believe in the single bullet theory In the right place at the right time It's a chance to change history

H: Would you like to ask something from me?

R: If you know any guys from kohu-63, tell them the drummer and bass player from the band: more fiends say hello!

H: Would you like to say something to your fans in Finland?

R: Thanx for the interview, and thanx to all people in finland who are fans of crazy extreme underground music who have given their support to bt and to the global grindfreak scene over the yearsŠ. Contact me at , get more info about tfd at and remember, no matter what you accomplish in your life, the final result can only be total fucking destruction!!! Cheers