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This is a discography, Desert Sessions 1 - 3 are below, 4 - 6 are on discography part 2.

Desert sessions vol. 1. Instrumental driving music for felons

Track list: Side A - Girl boy tom. Monkey in the middle. Side B - Cowards way out. Robotic lunch. Vol. 1 was released on December 5th 1997 on vinyl.

Desert sessions vol. 2. Status: ships commander butchered

Track list: Side A - Johnny the boy. Screamin' eagle. Side B - Cake (who shit in the?). Vol. 2 was released on February 6th 1998 on vinyl. A double CD featuring Vol. 1 and 2 was released on the february 20th 1998 as the two vinyls are so short.

Desert sessions Vol. 3. Set co-ordinates for the white dwarf!!

Track list: Side A - Nova. At the helm of hells ship. Side B - Avon. Sugar rush. Vol. 3 was released on may 11th 1998 on vinyl.