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Follow the sky - home of the desert sessions - is leaving soon to pastures new

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Discography part 1.
Discography part 2.
Profiles of the musicians.

If i can ever get the server bozos (spelling?)off their asses the new page 'Born to Hula' featuring Queens of the stone age AND desert sessions stuff will be up soon. I will post the address as soon as it is up, i am not going to post it until the page is at least mostly finished though. I would like to thank everyone who has visited the page (some more than once), i am still quite surprised at the amount of visitors, i know it isn't much by most sites standards but i've never met (in the flesh) (or clothed) any one else who had even heard of the desert sessions. there will be a lot more stuff on the new site including an almost complete set of 'sessions' lyrics (yes i made 'sessions' up myself, crap isn't it, 'Queens' always works, 'sabbath' 'zepplin' you know what i mean), but i haven't bothered posting them here as i shall be leaving this site to rot. Have fun, drink milk.
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