Sketchbook of Musical Instrument Plans, Ideas, and Inspiration
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Rudy's Musical Instrument Construction Sketchbook

The information formerly available on this site, comprised of free plans and information on the construction of various types of musical instruments, has been removed.

Angelfire has increased pop-up ads and questionable pop up links to the point that it became burdonsome for anyone wishing to use the information I worked so hard to create. I frequently fielded e-mails about the problems users encountered, and I quite frankly don't have the time to deal with it any longer.

Advance appologies to anyone who bookmarked the site for it's useful content, but you can drop Angelfire a comment; they are responsable for making the website useless.

Please feel free to visit my ad and pop-up free website for detailed information relating to instrument construction. You'll find plans and construction information for lap steel guitar, banjo and a variety of other instruments there.

A big thank you to my loyal followers!