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PCN (Pitch Class Processor, in Portuguese) is a program designed to help analysis based on set theory, effecting all (I hope) basic operations.  It was developed as an example of the use of an object-oriented library named objnota.  This library was the result of a project sponsored by the National Council for the Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq).

PCN is now in its third version, with a new look, and the possibility of entering data with a MIDI keyboard, with the computer keyboard, and the usual mouse clicks.  Of course, you can listen to the pitch-sets if you have a MIDI output in your system.

The interface of PCN consists of two windows:

  1. The main window with the Virtual Piano, the Processor Buttons and the Display;
  2. The secondary window (Output window).

This program is freeware. Please, if you use it donít forget the credits to Jamary Oliveira.

Any doubts, uses, bugs, and suggestions I will be happy to know about.  Send an e-mail to:,


(unzip and run the downloaded file to install the program)