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MoreMusic Learning Resources
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A small company dedicated to giving quality music instruction to individuals as well as to groups. Lessons available for the following instruments - piano,  wind, brass, violin, guitar and voice.

I will teach according to what you want
to learn - whether it is for your own pleasure or for accreditation.

Owned and operated by
Dianne Clark
We're Tillsonburg
All About Music
When Should My Child Begin Lessons?
Advice to Parents and Students
All About Music Instrument Selection
Message to Parents!
Ten Top Reasons Why Play a Musical
Your Piano and its Care
Care of Instruments
Instrument Care and Practicing
Tone Production Development
Care of Brass Instruments
Tune in and Tune UP
Breathing is Essential
About the Voice
More About the Voice
10 Commandments for Vocalists
Fiddle Music
Percussion Beginning Stages
Don't Give UP!!!
My Kid Wants to Quit
Transposition Chart
Music Related Careers
Love is
Musical Jokes

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Royal Conservatory

Conservatory of Canada

Practice Spot

Western Ontario Drama League

Spirituality & Humor

Belle Aire Music

Festival of Music

Dianne's History and Background
Dianne's Qualifications
Dianne's Experience
Dianne's Studio
Life is like Music  -  it needs the Master's Touch!

"New Horizons Band" for those 50 years plus - click here for more information.
Register by E-mail or by phone.
You may join at any time.
Band rehearsals are in Tillsonburg.
Information on instrumental rental available.  Come and join the fun!
MoreMusic Learning Resources
Now offering Adult Group Guitar Lessons.    Lessons are offered on Tuesday mornings
in Tillsonburg.
For more information on the classes check
out the link on the Guitar Page on this Site.