Like many Circus of Power fans, I was introduced to the band because of the Morton Downey Jr. Show. The MDJ Show was a short lived but very popular Jerry Springer type talk show but the host was a flag waving hard core Republican character - and it was entertaining as hell. The show topic was about the Heavy Metal and other guests included the Cycle Sluts From Hell, Ace Frehley, and that Scott dude from Anthrax.

So anyway 20 some odd years ago I see my older brother who says, “Dude, you need to check out this band I saw on the Morton Downey Show last night, the singer sounds like Morrison but the band is really heavy”. He had made the 45 minute drive into Poughkeepsie the next day to score a freshly released cassette of the self titled debut. Now at the time, to say that I hated the Doors would be a huge under statement, so I almost didn’t even bother giving a listen. Well about 15 seconds into “Motor”, when the band settles into that hypnotic swamp boogie groove, I was hooked.

The band performed “Call of the Wild” and “Letters Home” which is cut short during the credits. The entire episode can be found on You tube, and the performance of “COTW” can be seen below along with some exclusive photos from “Letters Home”. The appearance on this show was a career changer and is a pivotal moment in CoP history.