About a year ago, out of the blue, I get an e-mail from Ryan Maher. That's the funny thing about this site, ya never know what's coming next. Anyway, after shooting off a couple e-mails I say to Ryan, if you would ever be into being interviewed for the site, let me know. Basically the response was "Sure, why the Hell not?". So here it is, the circusofpower.net interview with Ryan Maher, The Swamp Boogie stick slinger....

Q: Hey Ryan, thanks for the time. What have you been up to for the past 15 years?

A: What have I been up to for last 15 yrs? What a question. Can I just knock off a couple of paragraphs and answer it? Damn, I think I can bang it out in one sentence. I've been raisin' hell like the motherfucker ya know I am. Yes sir, raisin' hell, what a fine job description that is. It's gonna look great on my resume don't ya think? "Hi, I'm Ryan Maher, I drank all the bars dry, fought with everyone who wanted to fight, and have been tearing up the city for years at death defying speeds and I want to be your new accounts manager." What do you think? Do I get the job? Ha, I love it. (Actually my life's rather quiet and I'm only raising purgatory.)

Q: Are you in touch with any of the members of Circus Of Power?

A: We're in touch with each other. We get together when I'm in L.A. or when some of the guys get out to NYC. And then of course ya know about those secret reunions we do every once in a blue moon. None of us liked practicing too much so one gig every five years or so is about all we can manage. I suspect there'll be a new album in like 2012 or something like that.

Q: Does it surprise you there are so many Circus Of Power fans 15 years on?

A: I love hearing that someone is still into Circus or that they just got turned onto us. It makes me feel like there's hope for shit kickin' music.

Q: You mentioned a motorcycle accident over the summer, what happened?

A: Yeah, this is a great one. I went down on my ripped and stripped shovelhead at over 70 mph and managed to walk away from it. I think in one fell swoop all the little bullshit, irritating, mundane, "bad luck" crap got cancelled out. I was laying in the emergency room and doctors and nurses were cutting clothes off me and they just couldn't believe that they weren't exposing broken bones and gaping wounds. (Well I did manage to take off most of the skin from my legs and ass.) They kept asking my brother "How fast was he going?" He'd just smile and say "About 70." And they'd go back to shaking their heads and going on about how they couldn't believe it and that probably the x-rays would show the real damage.

I think I was limping my half assed body out of the hospital with everyone fucking amazed that I wasn't in a bodybag. So were does that leave me? Oh yeah, it leaves me building another bomber but this time the brakes are gonna be tight so that the motherfuckin' caliper don't break off and jam up my rear wheel. You know what I'm thinkin' is screw the brakes entirely. Y'all best just stay out the way. (Oh, And don't ride too close behind either cause things have a habit of falling off my bikes. Hell I'm a drummer not a mechanic).

Q: What happened back in the day that ended up with you no longer in the band?

A: Uh... bad shit? It's no mystery. We weren't getting along. How'd you like to be married to four other guys? Since then we've talked and it's water under the bridge. We've put it all behind us, with the spilt milk... under a bridge.

Q: What bands we're you into growing up?

A: I grew up listening to Zep, Bad Co., Aerosmith ya know. One night though when I was 15 or 16 I went to Max's Kansas City and fuck what an eye opener. I saw Johny Thunders and the Heartbreakers and that was it for me. After that it was a steady stream of unholy bands that were unbelievable; The Mob, Badbrains, Blackflag, Deadkennedies, The Sick Fucks, of course the mighty, mighty Ramones. It was incredible. All I wanted to do was be onstage as well. And I got my chance. The first time I played CBGBs I was only 16. Fucking loved it.

Q: Who influenced you most as a drummer?

A: Right off I want to say John Bonham. A killer on the skins if there ever was one. Thinking a little harder though I have to say "Drummer Hoff" was a huge influence on me. An explosive drummer who "fired it off." Look him up.

Q: What is your favorite Circus Of Power song, either to play or listen to?

A: Motor is/was a great bit to play. Turn up the Jams is the one though that always got me going. Sometimes you could feel the whole place shake when we were laying that swamp boogie down.

Q: Would you consider playing with band again?

A: Well now that ya mention it...

Q: This is a question from my brother Scar. Do you still own the hat you're wearing on the cover of Vices?, and if you do, how much do you want for it?

A: I've still got it and Scar can have it. I gotta keep you C.O.P. fans happy. Which brings me to, by the way Bob thanks for helpin to keep the Circus story going.

Q: Like most of the guys in The Power, you had some ink going on. Have you gotten more tattoos since the C.O.P. days?

A: Let's try to do a shot of the latest. By the way YES I'm still getting inked. What the hell are you trying to insinuate? Asking me a damn question like that. What do ya think, I'm too old or something? Geez.

Q: You must be pretty psyched about the show June 3rd. Is this a one shot deal or is there a possibility that a show or two more may happen {like say in, N.Y.C. - hint hint hint}?

A: There's no one shot involved with C.O.P. Like herpes we're always around but only really show up once in awhile. A gift that keeps on giving. All of us can't wait to jam down in Texas and we're looking forward to seeing all our brothers, sisters and ne'er do wells there for a party to end all... Well ya know what I mean.

Well, there you go, Ryan probably has sticks that are older than these punks they play on the radio today. Ryan, thanks for the interview and come June 3rd, TURN UP THE JAMS!