This is an interview with Ricky Beck Mahler before the 2006 reunion show Austin Texas for Reloaded magazine.....

Q: How did you meet Alex and how did the Circus of Power project begin?

A: We met while living in south Florida, both playing in different bands on the local punk rock scene in the early 80's. Then hooked up with each other in NYC a few years later, the rest is history....

Q: Was there a particular Circus of Power tour that you would call your favorite?

A: The Faith No More tour was my favorite...

Q: How would you describe the backstage area at a COP show?...water and fruitÖor beer, whiskey, chicks and disaster?

A: Water & fruit sounds good to me.. Whisky & beer for all my friends... Oh yeah, And a hot babe after the show won't hurt either.....

Q: The first record is obviously a cult-rock classic. How long was COP playing shows and writing the material before actually going into production on the record?

A: If I can remember correctly, maybe about a year ? The weather was really bad back in those days, it was always foggy if you know what I mean ?

Q: Why did COP decide to add a 5th member on down the road? First Zowie, and then Austinís very own Mark Frappier?

A: At the time I thought it was a good idea adding a bass player and moving Gary to guitar... Looking back, I think we should have left things alone, But then again, who's to say what would have happened in that situation also ?

Q: Are you currently involved in any new projects??

A: Musical projects, No...... But, I'm currently in the process of moving from one house to another, that's the only project I have going on/as we speak... But, If anyone wants to sell me their vintage guitar they can contact me any time @

Q: What were the last 3 cdís that you purchased?

A: Muse- Absolution. Mick Ronson-Play don't worry. I use to have it when I was a kid but lost it over the years, it's awesome. And the last one was Ian Hunter-Standing in the light, Also a Classic....

Q: As a guitar player, which guitarists influenced the way you play and your approach to the instrument?

A: Mick Ronson, Mick Ralphs, Leslie West, Tony Iommi, & many others.....

Q: Any animosity toward the rise of the Seattle scene and the grunge movement in general?

A: Not now, But maybe a little bit back in the day.... Now I'm thankful for a lot of great music that came out of that scene.....

Q: Why Austin, Texas for this reunion show as opposed to Los Angeles or New York?

A: Mark/Frap the bass player lives in Austin, That's how this whole thing came about... It's the big Republic of Texas bike week, Should be fun, I hope ? LOL...

Q: Do you have a large guitar collection? If so, what is your main axe?

A: I have Mucho guitars, I probably own over 100 guitars at the moment. I have what you'd call a stash of collectable guitars, and then I have a stash of players guitars.. The guitar I'll be playing in Austin is a Gibson 1960 reissue, I think I'll leave the real one at home for safe keeping...

Q: Are you anticipating more Circus of Power music to be written in the near future, or has the horse been beaten?

A: The horse will never be beaten... I say, lets see how this show goes, then take it from there...

Q: Time for a little word association.

a. Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction

"Alex blasting music from his unfinished apartment downstairs on Bond street in Brooklyn circa 1985."


"The Ramones"

c. Addiction

"Yikesssssssssssssssss......... "

d. Jim Marshall

" Godlike "

e. Chinese Democracy, 10 years in the making

" I love Chinese food.......... "