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Announcement from the MOW forum site [murray owners world]. As forums grow more antiquated and people are turning towards social media for information, I have put a little more effort into the MOW FB page. Although I and most older folk prefer the forum format times change. The core guys that built MOW, BBY [Bob], Rthacker7 [Ron], Huffymurrayfan [Tim], hankll [Gene] and 98murray [Matt] generally are not very active at the forum anymore. While I do check into the MOW forum every a.m. and p.m. the writing is on the wall as far as MOW being and "active" forum. If you are a MOW member and not a member of our FB group I encourage you to join our FB Page.

MurrayOwnersWorld.com, or M.O.W. for short, is your complete online resource for Murray Ohio Lawn and Garden Tractors. This website specializes in Murray Lawn and Garden Tractors that were built prior to August of 2005 by the actual Murray inc./Murray Ohio Company of Lawrenceburg Tennessee.

M.O.W. offers......Brand specific helpful, friendly advice on how to keep your Murray equipment up and running. The forum staff and members have decades of Murray ownership and experience under their belt and can assist you with virtually any issue you may have with your Murray tractor. No need to worry about drive by insult posts and guesses from other brand owners like on the multi brand boards. Whether you are a complete novice or seasoned pro, you are welcome here at Murray Owners World.

M.O.W. Forum Members have FREE Access to...

The largest collection of Murray Manuals assembled, several of which can only be found here at M.O.W.

Maintenance and Service information, much of it from Murray service documents and annual update manuals that were sent to dealers.

Hundreds of photographs assembled showcasing four decades of Murray tractors.

A lively "Off Topic" area with topics ranging from homeowner projects to friendly banter and everything in between. All of it kept at a PG-13 level.

M.O.W. is home to the Murray Garden Tractor Club, or M.G.T.C. A place to document and show off your Murray workhorse.

The main goal is to deliver accurate and friendly advice to keep your Murray running for years to come. Ready to join and have some fun?

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