In the interest of saving people some time and effort, I have compiled the dreaded FAQ page for this site. The reason for this is to answer, well, the most frequently asked questions.

Q: Hey dude, are you a member of Circus Of Power?
A: No, God decided to make me a fat talentless boob instead.
Q: Hey dude, do you know members of Circus Of Power.
A: Yes, I have had some sort of contact with most of the members. I won't foward messages to anybody {with few exceptions}. To talk to the band, your best bet is the Myspace page. I know from time to time they drop in.
Q: Hey dude, can you make me a copy of the demos you bought?. I have KISS so and so, Zeppelin so and so....., let's make a trade.
A: No. Like I say on the demo page, these are not for sale, trade, whatever. I understand people asking, and I'm trying not be an ass. Unless you were raised by Mr. and Mrs. Never Spank, you know that no means no.
Q: Hey Dude, where can I get some Circus Of Power tablature?
A: Thanks to Rockin' Hawk, this site has some tabs goin' on. Hopefully many more in the future.
If you want to ask about anything Circus Of Power related outside of what is listed above, or want to contribute stories, pictures, comments, whatever, shoot me off an E-mail.