Alex Mitchell recently took some time to get the fans up to speed on the Circus Of Power front. Enjoy! - Alex, I would like to start by saying the Don Hill's show in September was way beyond my expectations. The band sounded fantastic and the crowd was alive and well and really had the joint rockin'. Were you surprised at all how much energy there was for C.O.P. after a 13 year absence?

Alex - No. i think we're much better now than we used to be. It's unusual for that to happen; most bands get lamer as they get older. I admire bands,singers,actors, athletes, anyone that does it to death. John Lee Hooker playing when he like, 86 or something? And still with the silk suits on, amazing, that's the shit. Of course the crowd helped tremendously, they made me want to cry they were so cool.

C.O.P. w/ Daniel Rey and The Cycle Sluts after the Don Hill's show - O.K., let's get down to C.O.P. in 2007. Rumour has it you have been writing for a new C.O.P. record. Is there any truth to that and how is it going?

Alex - Yeah, i actually started writing for a new Circus album awhile back. I finally gave up waiting for Rick or Gary to help me write. I have about nine or ten songs already that I've written with different people- I could care less where the songs come from, as long as they are good. Same with who plays on the record-I only want people playing on it that are dying to play on it, that will kill for it. For a long time people have been saying to me 'Al, you should do a circus record, even if those guys don't want to do it." but I was hesitant to do it. Now I could give a fuck. I'd rather have the original guys do it, but I'm tired of trying to get blood from a stone. I'm excited to get the ball rolling, can't wait to record. - Are Ricky, Ryan and Marc involved at this point?

Alex - At this point in the writing, no. Will they play on the album, up to them. The thing is, these guys I'm writing with, they call me every day, email me, offering up ideas, can I do this, can I do that, what can I do to make this song better...that's how a band works, energy and input. - I thought that Daniel Rey fit right into the band. I know he has a history with C.O.P., will he be with you guys in the future?.

Alex - I thought so, too. Daniel should produce the record. But the thing with him is, unless Rick is involved than he won't want to do it. He replaced Gary in NYC when Gary didn't make the trip. I couldn't understand Gary not going-it was a return to the place where the band was started, where we got signed, my God we had so many good times there, man. I would have driven there in a Volkswagen and slept on someone's floor if I had to, it was very important for me to be there. I thought that Phil from Monster Magnet was good ontage with us, too. The three guitar army thing was fun and it worked. And the Cycle Sluts, God love them. They sang great, looked great, I love those girls.

Daniel Rey filled in for Gary Sunshine for the N.Y.C. show. For those of you who don't know, Daniel produced the C.O.P. debut and Vices. - What can we expect from the new record?. Will it be a throwback to the style of the first two records or something completely new or a combination of both?

Alex - I'm not intentionally trying to make it sound like either record, but some of the songs sound like they're off the first record, and some of them do sound a little 'vices-y'...but I have to tell you, I still think they're still alot left in the tank- to think that we can't make a record better than the first one is retarded. Motorhead would never have made "Iron Fist" if they felt that way after "Ace Of Spades" The Rolling Stones with "Sticky Fingers" and then "Exile On Main Street....the list goes on and on. You have to stay hungry. - How important is a new record to you?. I always got the feeling that noone in the band particulary cared for Magic & Madness for one reason or another. Has it bothered you that Magic is where you guys left off?

Alex - It's bothered me for fifteen years, I consider it unfinished business. I like some of the last record but it was spotty. That's okay. All my favorite bands have done shitty records. I buy them anyways, if there's one good song than I'm happy. This record is the most important thing in the world to me, and I'm going to make sure it sounds that way. I'm going to make sure it kills. - I thought that Donna and Raf belonged with you guy's on stage that night. I know you guys have been friends forever. Any chance of them having backup singing duty on the new record, or maybe some more "guest appearances" live?

Alex - I agree with you there, too, they do belong onstage with us and I'm going to see what I can do to get them on the record.

Donna and Raf from the Cycle Sluts on stage with Circus. - Two part question. I really enjoyed your book "Life Is A Phantom K Mart Horse Starting Up In The Middle Of The Night". Are you writing anything else? Also, "Uncle Al's Diary" was very popular on the Fat Nancy site, any chance of revamping something similar on

Alex - Oh, thank you, that was an unexpected compliment. I'm in the middle of a novel, a three hundred page fucker that is taking some time to get done-if I didn't have to work for a living than it might get done faster but than again it might not be as good. A lot of the book takes place at work. That's about all I have time for at this time, if i hit the Lotto then I'll write bring back 'Uncle Al's diary' for the site!

Alex Mitchells book is available by clicking on the cover. - Not to get away from C.O.P., but as a fan I would like to let others know about your projects over the past decade. It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Uncle Max, Fat Nancy and Plastic Gator Machine. What are your thoughts if any on those experiences?.

Alex - Well, out of those three I like Plastic gator Machine the best, but Fat Nancy had a couple of good tunes, 'Hot Lottie' in particular. On all three of those projects I worked with billy Tsounis, who is a real pleasure to work and hang with. Billy is one of the guys helping write for the new Circus. Those bands were fun but there is only one band for me-that's Circus. And it's with Rick, Ryan, Marc and Gary. That's the way life is, just the fuckin way it is. Could be a lot worse, my friend. When I look back, it was one of the best times in my life. Looking forward, well, that's what life is all about. - Alex, thanks for taking the time to catch us fans up on what's going on. Anything last words for the C.O.P. faithful?

Alex - sure, they are the best.

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