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More of my collection

* This was a real find ! A "Rogers Majestic" Model R-400.... a picture of the guts follows near the bottom of the page. This baby is absolutely hand-wired, no circuit boards anywhere. And the transistors look like something from a Sputnik. Picked it up at a "second hand store" in Alix, Alberta, for about $20. It plays "like a top," with a real nice tone. I cannot find this one listed in any of the reference books, so, if you know anything about it, drop me an e-mail. I would say that this was one of my better deals.

* An old Sylvania 4P19W made in 1962. This one plays, but has only one "speed".... full tilt volume. Nice looking little radio, in good shape. My friend Bill picked it up at a flea market.

* A Panasonic RL107. Looks like it's from the mid-60's, but don't have good info on this one. Picked it up on e-bay, from a guy in Canada, for about $10. It plays well.

* Here is a pretty neat little Sony TR 1824, made in the late 60's, or early 70's. Plays like gangbusters. Picked it up on e-bay for about $8.

* The Sony cube-style TR 1819.... I've got 2 of these, one of them brand new, in the box. I think they were made in the late 60's. They play well, and are nice little radios.... something for the "square" in the crowd (hahaha). Got them both from e-bay for about $10 a piece.

* Here is the back of the Rogers Majestic described earlier.... you can see that everything is hand-wired.... it must have taken several days to put this thing together in, what I gather from the data labels, Germany sometime in the 50's. What a neat-o radio.

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