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Real Name Kejmanee Pichaironnarongsongkram
Nick Name Pin
Birthday January 4, 1974
Birthplace N/A
Nationality Thai
Height 1,58m
Weight 40 kg
Star Field Actress/Model
Status Married with J-Jetrin (singer/actor)on Janyary 27, 2001 Pin gave birth to a baby boy named Jinjett in the evening 6:06pm. on Thursday 28 June 2001.
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Jetrin had a baby with another woman before Pin, so Pin is also the step-mother of a baby girl :Jeda
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Adress Exact Company
209/1 CMIC Tower B Sukhumvit 21
Klongtery Bangkok 10110
Family Her parents got divorced when she was 6 years old, she lives with her mom and grandparents around Lungsuan Venue. Her dad and mom are still friends. Her father has a resident in Sukuwith Area.
Education Graduated from Rangsit University
Doing her master degree in education at Sukothai University
Future Goal Plans to have second baby in next 5 years
Own a kindergaten school
Collection She collects candles. She has many in her room.
Object A pink and white goldfish doll she bought and her blue blanket.
Travel She always bring her blue silk blanket, it is rarely washed because she's afraid the color might fade. Younger, she had a red one, but it was so worn out that her mom threw it away, she cried so much so her mom bought her a new one but blue that she still owns .
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  • 1994 - Kidnapper
  • Dramas/Movies
  • The Wall with fluke (movie)
  • Chee-Vit Puae Kar Hua-Jai Puae Ther with Captain
  • Chai Nai Fun with Pete Tongchua
  • Chan Chue Saila
  • Roy-Rak Roy-Ardeed with Captain
  • Khmer Titles
  • Jeahvit Own Khnong Beah dourng Bhong with Captain
    [You life is in my heart]
  • Boroh Knong Ka Sromay with Pete Tongchua
    [THe man in my dream]
  • Sney Ha pee adedtekal with Captain
    [Love from the past]
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