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Sonic Nightmare

Our Top Ten for the week ending Tuesday May 22, 2001

This is the first installment of Sonic Nightmare on the web. If you have questions about bands, concerts, or album releases please send me an e-mail. Sonic Nightmare can be heard on KRUI 89.7 Iowa City IA, The Sound Alternative from 10pm to 1am Saturday Nights. Sorry its not professional-looking but it is my first webpage. Keep listening and come back in the future. "Smoke crack and worship Satan."

Places to obtain crack and worship Satan.

Home page of one of the greatest bands in the world!
The Greatest college in the land
New stuff in college radio
Get a blast out of this site!
Victory Records Good Hardcore from Chicago
One of the newest hardcore bands to come out of NJ
Another awesome record lable
This is Punk!!!
This is the station that gives me the 3 hours a week to deafen Iowa City and surrounding countryside!
One of the oldest and best Hardcore bands around!!