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AudioCatalystAudioCatalyst - AudioCatalyst™ takes your CDs and transforms them to MP3s in one easy step and it incorporates the new XingMP3 Player with play list management capabilities.

Audioactive Player. No gimmicks... just great sound.AUDIOACTIVE PLAYER - A thin-client player with studio-reference playback provided by the latest Fraunhofer MPEG decoding algorithms. And the essential tools you can't do without, like M3U playlist support with integrated editing and ID3 tag editor.
Axialis AX-CDPlayer 2.5Axialis AX-CDPlayer -Axialis AX-CDPlayer 2.5 will permit you to listen audio CD using your CD-ROM drive. If you know how to use a real CD player you will easily use AX-CDPlayer. It looks like a real electronic product (a car CD-Player!). Automatically detects when an audio CD is inserted, digital display, unlimited colors for display (not only green/orange), dialog boxes with a realistic look & feel, powerful built-in database manager
  LAVA! Player  LAVA PLAYER-The cool new LAVA! Player 2.01 is here! Besides the chic and slick user interface,the player also contains           the following exciting features: Additional new scenes for more fanciful creation of music videos, Multi-scene playback where you can switch between the various scenes in a music video, like in an MTV, An introduction screen you can choose to launch before a music video starts where you input your band's image, information, song title, message or greetings.
LIQUID PLAYER- • Now with FastTrack Security • Supports MP3s• Read lyrics and liner notes • View album art• Organize your music and burn CDs


MODPlug PlayerTHE MOD PLAYER- is a high-quality 32-bit music module player. It supports many sound formats, including MOD, WAV, DBM, DSM, MDL, IT, S3M, and XM. In addition, it offers many methods to enhance sound, including a graphic equalizer and controls for mixing, resampling, reverb, Dolby Surround, extended bass, and gain. The MODPlug Player also supports MMX and DirectSound acceleration, as well asWinamp plug-ins. 

MUSIC MATCH- Download, record, organize and play digital music. The only software program that comes with FREE CD-quality MP3 encoding.
PCDJ PHAT- The ultimate PC entertainment center. Mix MP3 files, play CDs,rip CDs, play videos, listen to Internet radio, and much more!


RealJukebox Plus in skin mode - Download nowRealJukebox - Lets you play and record all MP3s and other digital music

SONIQUE - Sonique is the Web's hottest media and MP3 player. It features support for all the latest audio formats, a killer user interface, customizable skins and visuals, and built-in access to music resources on the Web. Hi-tech and award-winning design... 

WINAMP -MP3, CD and other audio formats, more than 10,000 skins and 150 audio visualization and effect plug-ins. Winamp is freeware
Windows MediaWindows Media Player - Get Windows Media Player and enjoy the best quality when you stream audio and video.
Download Yahoo! Player NowYahoo! Player - By downloading the Yahoo! Player application to your computer, you can play MP3s, CDs, and video clips. 



Anisoft AMP -a 32-bit MP3 Player for Microsoft Windows95/98. It features a jazzy, colorful, rich interface to add to the pleasure of listening MP3 Music. Along with .mp3, Anisoft® AMP also plays .wav, .aif, .mid , .au file-types. Other features include Balance control, Volume Control, Display of Elapsed and Remaining Time, Song Title, Artist Name, Fast Foward, Rewind, Auto-Rewind, and Last Song Memory Option and many more. All the above features make Anisoft® AMP a very simple, yet a player with high entertainment value. 
Arca MP3 Action 2000 -is a powerful manager for your MP3 song collection. A Windows Explorer like interface lets you browse your MP3's and generate custom playlists like a professional DJ...
 Aurika Player  - The Aurika Player provides a simple, easy-to-use way to play your favorite .asf, .mp3, and .wav audio files. You can assemble personal playlists, and customize the look of the player. Best of all - it's freeware.
C-4 v2.2 Full Version-A sturdy, low CPU-Usage, audio player for Windows 95/98/NT/2K. C-4 supports MP3, Internet Streaming MPEG audio, VQF, CD Audio, Midi, Wave, and Tracker files. C-4 has the easiest and most flexible "free-form" skinning support out there.
Chime Tray Play-Chime Tray Play is a very small, fast and efficient audio player which can play the following types of files: Audio CD's (cda) , Midi (mid, midi, rmi) , Wave Audio (wav) , Mpeg Audio (mp1, mp2, mp3) , Windows Media Audio (wma)
Destiny Media Player -The FREE Destiny Media Player™ allows you to play MP3, CD audio, MIDI and .wav formats and listen to an ever growing number of web-based radio stations broadcasting on the RadioDestiny Broadcast Network™, all using the familiar home stereo interface.
Digital AMP-This Mp3 player has all the functions you expect to see in a player.  Full digital-style display, playlist functions, volume control, minimize to tray, and loads of other features.  Although its not skinnable like Winamp, I do believe you will like this change from the norm!  Download it and try it out!  It has a full installer and Uninstall support. Below are a few screenshots! This player is totally **FREEWARE!!**
Earjam - The world’s first FREE universal player, universal burner that makes it easy to find, download, play and burn the music YOU like.



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