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 Version: 2.0 Beta 7 for Windows 95, 98 and NT -Napster is a completely new way of thinking about music application that takes the hassle out of searching for MP3s. No more broken links, no more slow downloads, and no more busy, disorganized FTP sites. With Napster, you can locate and download your favorite music in MP3 format from one convenient, easy-to-use interface.

MP3 FINDER VS.5.0 BETA 2 -Tired of using search-engines that don't come up with anything but a bunch of broken links? You're not the only one... Abe's MP3 Finder changes this.Main advantages with Abe's compared to other search programs: Many results - often several hundred or even thousands! Very few broken links thanks to smart link checking Fast downloads since a song often is available on several servers



iMeshV1.exe - is an easy to use service that makes it possible for you and me to find our favorite content on the Internet.The assumption behind iMesh is simple: somewhere out there, among the millions of Internet users, there is someone that has what you are looking for. iMesh makes it easy for you to find that someone and get the file you are looking for. It can be photos, source files, homework, home made videos and ALL kinds of files you decide,provided you do not download copyright protected material without authorization.

MP3 FIEND - MP3 Fiend allows you to search 11 major MP3 search engines concurrently so that you don't have to submit your search to each one individually. Just specify one or more search terms and watch as the program gathers up links for you. MP3 Fiend allows you to save your search results and supports automatic DOWNLOADING.

Planet.MP3Find Version - Find any song, by any artist in under 60 seconds - That's their claim. By utilizing the latest in Internet technology, Planet.MP3Find automatically locates and determines MP3 Music Servers which are online!  Now comes complete with its own built-in FTP!Planet.MP3Find

TIFNY 3.01- Search an unlimited number of newsgroups and servers. Postings are examined to eliminate duplicate files, out-of-bound sizes or formats, rejected authors, organizations or keywords. Multi-segment postings are collected and glued together automatically from one or many servers. An internal player for AVi and MPG video types. An MP3 player with a jukebox. An image viewer with editing functions. Complete thumbnail galleries of your database with simple and fast navigation. Extensive keyboard mapping for faster access to frequent commands And best of all, thanks to advertiser support, TIFNY3 is free! No limitations.

2 Find MP3 - is the ultimate tool to locate and retrieve MP3 files on the net. 2 Find MP3 uses the top MP3 search engines available on the net today. It not only finds the music you want, it also verifies the search results  and lets you download the MP3 files with a single mouse click.

screenshot1.gif (12860 bytes)

FileFury 1.00 - Locate and copy the files you want. Using FileFury, you can search broadly over the Internet, beginning with your own friends, to find the files, MP3 or otherwise, you're looking for. Download them with the click of a mouse. Employing an easy-to-use Explorer interface, FileFury is simple to operate, fast and clean. 

MP3 Voyeur v0.95 - Scans Local Area Networks for MP3 files. Ideal for college dorm networks or large office networks with shared folders.

Soundcrawler Sound Agent™ -  Sound Agent™ is a multimedia search program that will search for files of your favorite artist or song, and download them with a few clicks of your mouse. Sound Agent™ was designed for simplicity, and ease of use so you can download your files without feeling overwhelmed or confused by our wonderful technology.  

mp3robot - MP3Robot is a freeware MP3 search/download/organize utility. 

  • Search through over 60,000 MP3's all over the web.
    • Download several MP3s at once!
    • Launch MP3s directly from the application!
    • Find an insane number of MP3s in seconds!
    • Advanced user interface that is simple to use
    • MP3Robot is Completely FREE!
MediaShare - provides a service that allows users to share multimedia files with other people in the MediaSharing community. It is ideal for independent musicians, photographers, and other artists to promote and distribute their work. You will find in our community music, graphics, movies, stories, and more -- any file type can be shared!MediaSharing Client Screenshot

MP3 Downloader 2.32 - ComTry MP3 Downloader helps you to find your favourite MP3 files on the internet. MP3 Downloader searches for the most reliable locations and downloads your favourite songs directly.

Screenshot of the MP3 Downloader program interface

Atomic Mp3 Finder -Atomic Mp3 Finder searches the web to find and validate the existence, bit rate, and frequency of files from the internet. Once the links have been verified, the user can easily download a selection with the click of a button

File Mag-Net 3.0 - Finding MP3s has never been easier. This new utility uses the search and filtering power of File Mag-Net to find MP3s from all the top search engines on the web! File Mag-Net has been has received a 5 star rating from ZDNet/PC Magazine and is a Editor's Pick.MP3 Mag-Net

ILC-MP3 - Are you lazy ?  I know I am, and so, one afternoon, during an old episode of a crapy soap opera, I decided to make this simple to use, visually stunning Mp3 Search Engine. Wow, that was a long sentence. Anyway, I was so bored that I decided to add in a few hidden Easter eggs, so, if one day, you're sitting around during an old episode of a crapy soap opera, you can try finding them. What fun you will have, trying to find this pointless stuff. A clue? Try a combination of keys in the 'About' box. Anyway, if you are lazy and bored one day, and want Mp3s without the hassle of having to look for them all over the internet, just run this small program and it will do the rest. Yeah!The Main Interface



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