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In 1992 Kentie moved to Boston where for several years he managed a record store for The Wall Music at a consumer prison called the Cambridgeside Gangsteria Mall. Here Kentie started his diverse, and now vast, record collection of obscure music. His favorite composers and singers are Roger Sessions, Joni Mitchell, Aribert Reimann, Jan DeGaetani, John Cage, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Peter Westergaard and Connie Champagne. Around this time Kentie began composing his own music and playing the alto recorder. The introductory music to "The Flatus Show" is one example of his compositional style.

Now Kentie allocates costs to profit centers, reconciles asset and liability accounts, prepares entries to the GL, and generates budget reports.

Kentie met his partner, Johnny, during another snowstorm, the April Fool's day blizzard of 1997. They were chatting on The Block Party, a Boston BBS. One thing led to another and now they live in the coastal village of Rockport, MA with José, their poodle and Melisande the cockatiel.

Kentie started podcasting and playing the ukulele in June 2005, with his first show airing in August. Not fully understanding how to put a podcast together, he forged ahead anyway in true punk fashion because he wanted to tell his story, which he continues to do weekly on "The Flatus Show", a variety show in the vaudeville tradition.

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