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What can you say about Jose? Jose, (aka Ishamadoo, Shikinshallow, Poor Apricot Trash, Josie Potatoe) hails from a midwestern puppy mill, whence he was shipped to a pet store on Boston's posh Newbury Street 14 and a half years ago. His proud dad, Johnny, walked him home to the Fenway, where he became part of the family. His brother Miles, a Springer Spaniel, and his sister Ruby, a Pekingese, each welcomed him in their respective ways--Ruby by ignoring him more or less, and Miles, by attacking the 6 pound pup and sending him to intensive care on his first day home. Miles got his nuts hacked off the next day, so things quieted down very soon.

Early on Jose had medical issues--Legg Perthes disease, which necessitated the removal of his rear left hip, which is not as bad as you might think. They just saw off the hip, and the muscles take over. Adding insult to injury, his Uncle Keith, an erstwhile veterinarian, determined that he had but one testicle and recommended the other be taken out. It was, and Jose squats to pee to this day.

If you want your pooch to be a lover, Jose is your man. He l-o-v-e-s to be held, kissed, and squeezed. He lives to love, and we might as well admit it, to eat. He can be counted on to lick his (and your) bowl clean.

Oh, one more thing: Jose is a total bottom. He flips for all dogs, male or female, big or small, young or old. In fact, his former neighbor Ping, a male Pekingese, favored him over all the girls in the hood.

These days, Jose sleeps most of the time. He dreams of cookies and his sister Ruby, and maybe even his first days at the mill.

Jose has been shopping at Bloomingdales since June 4, 2008.

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