In 1973 when John and Yoko decided to take a separation from each other,Yoko had chosen a the ideal "companion" for John. She was an attractive oriental girl who had been their personal assistant -- 23 year-old May Pang. She was asked by Yoko "to be with John and to help him out and see to it that he gets whatever he wanted." John soon decided to leave New York and live with May out in Los Angeles. These stories come from May Pang's book, Loving John. This period was known as John's "Lost Weekend."

If you read May's book (which is very well written), she goes into great detail of her and John's life together. It was during this time that John was the most musically active since his Beatle days. He was collaborating with all of his friends, and socializing much more than he ever did. He renewed his relationships with the other Beatles, and even invited Ringo to live with them in L.A. Some people say that John was a completely different man when he was with May as opposed to Yoko. He was more relaxed. He was more lovable and personable.

I don't believe May's book portrays Yoko as the "Dragon Woman" as some people would like to say. Having read it myself (a few times) I can see how Yoko could be very controlling. But In Yoko's defense, I can see why she would have to be with someone like John.

John and May were having a great time out in L.A. It was also during this time that John saw more of his first son Julian then he had for a long, long time. May encouraged John to call and invite Julian to come down and visit.

John and May had taken Julian to Disney World for Christmas one year. Julian also appeared on John's "Walls and Bridges" album which was kind of a nice touch I think. John and May came back to New York and got themselves and apartment at 434 East 52nd Street. It was here that the infamous "John Lennon sighting of the UFO" happened. The story is told that John Lennon was standing naked on the terrace (while May was in the shower) and had noticed a UFO hovering above. He then started to yell for May and she came running out to find out what was going on. May had seen it also.

John also had spoken to Bob Gruen (a photographer for Lennon at that time) and explained what he had saw. Gruen had asked him if he had notified the police. John's response was "What am I going to do, call the police and say, 'Hi, its John Lennon and I've just seen a UFO over New York...' They'll think, 'What is he on now?'"

Bob then called the NYPD and told them who he was and about the incident and the response from the phone was "Where did you see it? On 52nd street? You're the third call we have received about this." In the Record of U.F.O. Sightings, over 400 people called about that particular sighting.

John took some photos and asked Bob to develop them, but they came out blank. Things were going rather smoothly for John and May, and he was very happy. Eventually, Yoko had decided that it was time for John to come back to her at The Dakota. There are so many stories on how this happened. The only real people who will ever know about this is...John, Yoko, and May.

One of the stories was that Yoko had sent Paul back to L.A. to talk to John about coming back home. This was taken right out of "Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now." Apparently John wasn't ready to leave May yet.

Another story is that it was finally "right" in the stars and that Yoko told him he could come home now. That story was taken out of "Lennon in America: Geoffrey Guilliano" May states that Yoko had told her a few months before "I'm thinking of taking him back" and, under the guise of a smoking cure, had John hypnotized and drugged into returning. According to the official story from John & Yoko, they reunited at Elton John's concert on November 28th, 1974 -- but it wasn't until February 1975 that John actually did return home. Eventually John had told May that he had to go home to Yoko. But John and May continued to see each other and were in contact for the last time in June 1980. John and May is a story of two people who really loved each other but knew it just couldn't be.

If you ever want to read up on these stories you can get the book through They can also get you May Pangs book that is now out of print. They have done a great job of locating books for me that have been out of print for years.

NOTE: I'd like to thank May Pang for all of her help on this page. If it was not for her.....I would not have the real story!

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