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Subj: this is for your im abuse thing :) merry christmas
Date: 12/31/00 10:47:35 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Bowilly69
To: Xx ZeNo xX

HiCFruitChews: whattup baby
HiCFruitChews: Do you know who I am?
HiCFruitChews: i'm the big fat black guy that dresses up as the kool-aid man!

Kittykat8105: i hate black people so bye
HiCFruitChews: would appreciate you to take a really qquick survey for me
HiCFruitChews: quesiton 1, why do you hate blacks?
Kittykat8105: leave me alone
HiCFruitChews: please, answer me
HiCFruitChews: why do you hate blakcs?
HiCFruitChews: blacks*
HiCFruitChews: I'm not really black, i'm white, or else i'd leak geri-curl thru the suit
HiCFruitChews: but why do you hate real blacks?
HiCFruitChews: that's so un-fair to judge by color
HiCFruitChews: you racist bastard
Kittykat8105: shut up bye
HiCFruitChews: I will not be silenced, I will speak my mind and stand for what I want
HiCFruitChews: I will continue to bitch at you untill you take my 3 question survey
HiCFruitChews: and then i'd leave you alone
Kittykat8105: i am going to notify u
HiCFruitChews: I'm not on aol smart-ass
HiCFruitChews: you're racist, I could warn you....
Kittykat8105: fine
HiCFruitChews: and aol will e-mail you and spank your black-ass
Kittykat8105: bye
HiCFruitChews: will you just take my DAMNED SURVEY?!?!
Kittykat8105: i am not black
HiCFruitChews: then i'll leave you alone
Kittykat8105: no
HiCFruitChews: it's only 3 questions, and i'll be out of your life..FORVER
HiCFruitChews: forever*
Kittykat8105: i am going on my other sn so u can not get me k
HiCFruitChews: grrrr, just answer me bitch!
HiCFruitChews: before I smack your titties and watch them squable
Kittykat8105 signed off at 10:54:18 PM.

Twizted Klown Willy
(a true juggalo)