Subj: Short Log. IM ABUSE!
Date: 11/10/00 11:08:13 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Sefirousu
To: Xx ZeNo xX

Sefirousu: Hello. ^.^
Pixey991: hello...
Sefirousu: I was wondering if you could help me with a little problem I have.
Pixey991: who is this
Sefirousu: My name is Angel. As in the cute Heavenly Angels of God. ^.^
Sefirousu: ^.^ is a happy face, just so you know.
Pixey991: umm okay
Sefirousu: So, could you help me out?
Pixey991: i guess
Sefirousu: Great, now onto my problem. While I went to Church last Sunday, the priest who I call daddy, came up to me and touched me in my no-no places. He said if he didn't, I was going to burn in Hell.
Pixey991: omg are you okay
Pixey991: ummm
Pixey991: who are you
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