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name:Troy "Animal" siple
instrument:Subsonic rumble and Lyrical Flavor
Past Bands:Stereotype, Verbicyde, Solo Rap project Mindshift (check out the upcoming album, yeah, we know he's not really white, we just paint him to fit in)
Experience:Bass-um, like 3 months (I'm really a drummer, but don't tell anybody)
Fav. Bands: Dream Theater, Tool, Fear Factory, Incubus, Ice Cube, Johnny Blaze, The Wu crew (forever)... All the good rappers out there, good bands and just straight up quality musicians
Influences: God, Buddha ( thanks for the meditation skillz Siddartha!) Head, Fieldy,and Munky, Mike Einzinger(did i spell that right Holmes?), The RZA, Whoever did the beat for Rapper's Delight- look what you done started!
Pastimes: Break dancing, meditating, talkin to Chicks
Quotes: I'm Cuban, B!, Yo somebodies hittin me up on my ear-phone celly!- your poor cuz i snatched the meatball out your spaghetti