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Viol rentals

The VdGS/GNY currently has four instruments in its rental collection available to members: All are sturdy and easy to play. They include

  • A small Kelischek bass   RENTED
  • A Westover treble       AVAILABLE
  • An Ogle treble     AVAILABLE
  • A Westover tenor      RENTED

Rental fees are $35 for up to one month or $75 for a period of three months.

Responsibilities of the renter are stipulated in the contract that he or she must sign. We also provide a guide to viol care (see Viol Care: A Short Guide).

Although regular upkeep and most damages will be covered by us or our insurance, if the renter isn't studying with a teacher known to us, we ask to take a look at the instrument after 6 weeks--just to make sure that our viol and its player are doing well. The renter must pay for strings and other supplies.

If you're interested in one of our  instruments, contact one of the three Rental Committee Members. We suggest choosing by geographic proximity.

Judith Davidoff (Upper West Side and above)
Virginia Kaycoff (East Village and Brooklyn)
Edward Truettner (Queens and L.I.) (718) 849-3695