Reasons to hate Eminem

These were taken off the old message board. I was kinda stumped for a while as to what to base my Eminem page on. You already know that I think he's a gimick for those post-rap pre-rock kids who think rapcore is cool, but that wasn't enough. So here are some general reasons to hate Eminem:

1. he slams EVERYONE including his OWN family
2. he has an EXTERMTLY annoying voice
3. he makes me MISS vanillia ice
4. he's a wannabe
5. he's a hypocrite
6. just look at his stage name
7. his concerts are lame
8. he's a bitch to those who want atuographs
9. icp make fun of him
10. he's a sell out (he's been in the industry since '97)
11. he thinks he's better then everyone else
12. he's a LOSER
13. he thinks he's black
14. he "raps" TOO fast
15. he makes fred durst look good
16. he's ugly
17. he make fun of singers who WILL be around LONGER then he will ever be
18. he's ALWAYS on trl
19. he hangs out with kid rock
20. he's songs get old VERY fast
21. he's NOT funny
22. he's going to get BAD KARMA forever
23. he thinks he's the best "rapper" on the planet
24. he makes PUFF DADDY look a great rapper
25. his album covers ARE very depressing
26. his songs are ALL rehash of what was on his other albums
27. he's very UNORIGANIAL
28. he's a mtv whore

My comments on these:

3: I never even listened to Vanilla Ice, but it's obviously causing someone to miss him is not a good thing.

5: He is the BIGGEST hypocrite in the world! He goes around knocking everyone in his songs, insisting he's just joking, but when the tables turn (ICP), he gets pissed. So lemme get this straight, it's okay for Slim Anus to bash people, but no one can bash Slim Anus? Uh huh, sure, I'll buy that bullsh*t.

10: ICP made fun of him because he's a sellout, and hasn't had to work very hard for his success, so I think that's a reason to hate him.

15: Musically, I prefere Limp Bizkit to Eminem, but I don't know if he makes Fred Durst look good. Oh well.

19: Kid Rock is probably my least favorite white rap act that I haven't made fun of on this site. At first I thought "Bawitaba" (or however it's spelled) was okay, but then all those other radio singles came out, and I don't like them. And I don't think very highly of people who hang out with him.

20: For me, they don't get old, they get ON MY NERVES!

21: The only way I'll listen to rap is if it's funny as hell. That's why I don't hate ICP. (Hee hee, I like that part in Everybody Rize where they said "I'm just a FAGET! FAGET! They call you that 'cuz you act like a bitch." Korn's a good band, but that is funny.)

22: I don't believe in karma, but whatever.


If you're still a devoted Eminem fan, I don't think I'm gonna be the one to change your mind. Maybe you could help me out and tell me WHY you DON'T hate him, because I don't see what's so great about him. Hey, maybe you'll change my opinion. (LOL!!!)