My thoughts on Eninem

Some of you would expect me to love Eminem since he makes fun of crappy music. WRONG!!!

What Eminem and his fans don't realize is that he's just as trendy as the Backstreet Boys. That's why I don't like him. Of course, knowing you people, that's probably not good enough for you, so how about this one: He annoys me! There are hundreds of hate sites out there built on the weak foundation of annoyance, so why can't I have one? If I just said "I hate him cuz he's trendy", you people would be calling me a hypocrite because I love Korn. But if a say "I hate him cuz he's annoying", then all you can do is call me a b*tch. So...NAH NAH NAH!!! (This implies that childish name-calling doesn't bother me. So if you send me hatemail like that, it won't effect me, I won't take into consideration a thing you say, and I will ridicule you and post your email address on this site. If that doesn't stop you, you either have a good argument, or are really really really stupid.)

This doesn't mean I'm not open to ideas, though. If you have any ideas, stories, etc., feel free to send them to me at (And if you send me images, send me URLs instead of attatchments, please.)

Attention hatemailers!-Before you start b*tching at me, make sure you read everything. You may miss something really important, and you'll look like an idiot. And do you think you still get your point across by using loose grammar and spelling, and cursing a lot? You aren't. So proof-read your message before sending it. A GREAT idea you also may want to consider is to attack my ideas rather than me myself. You don't know me, so you can't make any accurate assumptions about my social life, physical appearance, sexuality, or emotional health. The only thing you know about me is my opinions on issues that I have written on this site. A good contender can make a good point with only that information. So when I say that Eminem fans are immature little kids, PROVE ME WRONG!


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