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This website is a fan webpage dedicated to Disturbed, so if you're here you better be fucking down with the sickness!

Check out the Multimedia link on my page, it will link you to some Disturbed mp3's that you can download

Disturbed's new album BELIEVE is in stores now! If you don't have it yet, you're missing out big time! Those of you who have the CD, they're even better live! David is a bad-ass singer. They put on an awesome show! Moshpits get hardcore too. I can tell you from experience. I've moshed at Tattoo The Earth, Ozzfest, bunch of other concerts, and a ton of small shows. Disturbed gets people going nuts. Even more so than when I moshed to Slipknot!

(10-16-02) Updated Tour Dates: Updated the tour dates Disturbed has with KoRn. Let me know if you go to a show and have a story.

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As you all know I promote for bands. I now promote for a reggae band out of Santa Cruz, Ca. full time. If you live around here you've already heard of them Dub Congress. Either way take a look/listen.

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If you like street teams, or just love music, than go to

You tired of seeing my fan page? Than go and get fucking down with the sickness at the official Disturbed webpage.

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You can buy Disturbed's CD right now, by going here: Artist Direct
If you order it from there I think it's even cheaper too! (depending on the store you go to)


Disturbed is on tour RIGHT NOW! See if they're playing near you:
with Korn
Radio Events

Disturbed 10/16/2002 Bryce Jordan Center State College PA
Disturbed 10/18/2002 Verizon Wireless Amp. Charlotte Charlotte NC
Disturbed 10/19/2002 Carolina Amphitheatre Marion SC
Disturbed 10/21/2002 Greensboro Coliseum Greensboro NC
Disturbed 10/22/2002 Philips Arena Atlanta GA
Disturbed 10/24/2002 St. Pete Times Forum Tampa FL
Disturbed 10/25/2002 Bayfront Park Amphitheatre Miami FL
Disturbed 10/27/2002 UNO Lakefront Arena New Orleans LA
Disturbed 10/29/2002 Barton Coliseum Little Rock AR
Disturbed 10/31/2002 Smirnoff Music Centre Dallas TX
Disturbed 11/01/2002 Auditorium Shores Austin TX
Disturbed 11/02/2002 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Selma TX
Disturbed 11/06/2002 UTEP Don Haskins Center El Paso TX
Disturbed 11/07/2002 Tucson Conv. Center Tucson AZ
Disturbed 11/09/2002 Long Beach Arena Long Beach CA
Disturbed 11/12/2002 Centennial Garden Bakersfield CA
Disturbed 11/15/2002 ARCO Arena Sacramento CA
Disturbed 11/18/2002 Memorial Coliseum Portland OR
Disturbed 11/19/2002 Tacoma Dome Tacoma WA
Disturbed 11/21/2002 E Center West Valley UT
Disturbed 11/22/2002 World Arena Colorado Springs CO
Disturbed 12/01/2002 Brixton Academy London UK
Disturbed 12/02/2002 Manchester Academy Manchester UK
Disturbed 12/05/2002 Rock City Nottingham UK


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This website was created, and designed by Jason Hobbs for the sole purpose of promoting Disturbed. This is a fanpage for Disturbed, Disturbed, and fucking only Disturbed. Also, I would like to thank the good people at, because I got some pictures, and most of my infromation on Disturbed from that website. Thank you! Send Me Some EmailsContact Me, Disturbed and Whoever ElseLinks To Sites. Be sure to check out ubl.comSick PicsListen To Some Disturbed PeopleLearn About The SicknessHome Of My Sickness