OK Computer Analysis

"Er, yes, it's pretty dreadful but it's the best we could come up with at the time.  But it's awful, I hate it, it's fucking rubbish." -Thom on the OK Computer artwork
"Actually I love the cover, because it all came together in the same studio, and seeing it develop alongside the music, it becomes much more personal.  It does have a very distinctive style, I don't think there's been a cover like that before." -Phil on the OK Computer artwork

inside ok computer
  • You see where the arrow is pointing?  Yeah?  Well, have a look there for some INTERESTING HIDDEN TEXT!!! (shown below).

interesting hidden text

page 4  
  • On page 4, in the middle of the page, rotate the booklet 90 degrees clockwise, and hey, you can somewhat make out the immortal line 'immerse your soul in love' (circled at picture left)
out of a lake?
paranoid android?
man driving car?
Maybe you'll see pictures...
Apparently, if you look carefully at the layout of the lyrics for Lucky, you can see a guy getting out of the lake. Well i strained my eyes quite hard to see anything, and i guess i can make out some bloke...But he looks like a superhero to me... Apparently, most of the lyrics are laid out for some particular reason or another.  You decide what it is...
the back. The Back Page
  • Look at the back page, if you look somewhere above the tracklisting, above 'people with birdlike faces', the words 'Bulletproof' and 'Street Spirit' faintly appear...
  • The tree at the top right corner is also debatably a 'Fake Plastic Tree'.
  • There is a space after no surprises, (enough for for two songs), and then lucky and the tourist is listed.  those two spaces could be for 'polyethylene' and 'a reminder' (OKC outtakes).  The Tourist was reportedly recorded very late into the session, and Radiohead allegedly argued for ages over whether lucky should've been included or not.
  • The smiley face in the centre is taken from a Cheetos paper.

OK Computer Single Artwork Analysis:

family Karma Police (UK release)

rotate the sleeve 90 degrees counter clockwise, and you can see the cardbord bomb shelter is covered by a red family symbol.  underneath the symbol, the word 'protect' is seen.
On the back, rotate the sleeve 90 degrees again, and there is a mushroom cloud. This cover art is inspired by Raymond Brigg's 'When The Wind Blows', a book about an old couple who survive a nuclear bomb.  Incidentally, Thom's first song was called 'Mushroom Cloud'.

vota idiota No Surprises

Vota Idiota (the Polaroid on the back of the sleeve) is Portuguese  for 'Vote You Idiot.'  May be related to the line in the song "Bring down the government."  On the front cover, under the car, the line 'SUCH A PRETTY HOUSE' has been taken from Thom's notebook.

airbag.gif (9344 bytes) Airbag EP

The number on the airbag cover 1426148550 (dialed from the States as 011-44-1-426-148-550) was actually a US telephone number.  People who rung up the number received an message with a voice saying "Hello?"  People could leave a message, but no one knows who received it.   In fact, the number was for thom's old pager and the voice was indeed thom's. Pager apparently has since been discontinued, so don't bother trying to phone anymore.  Nobody knows what happened to the messages.

microsoft paint---->against demons ?? It was pointed out to me that in Microsoft paint, the 'select' tool thing (circled left) resembles the 'against demons' shape.  Although all radiohead members own computers, their preferred computers are macs, so this is probably a total coincidence.  but it's interesting to see the similarities.


Fitter Happier: The sample from 'flight of the condor' was used on this track. In the background, this piece of dialogue is looped throughout the song:

This is the Panic Office,
Section nine seventeen may have been hit.
Activate the following procedure.

A Reminder:  The beginning of 'A Reminder' has a recording of a lady talking from a Czech subway.  The lady is saying, "Please enter and exit... The doors are closing... The next stop is Jiriho z Dodebrad."

How I Made My Millions: If you listen carefully in the background, you can hear something that sounds like someone washing the dishes... and it is!  It is Thom's girlfriend, Rachel, doing the dishes.  This song was recorded at Thom's home on his dilapidated piano using his minidisc recorder.

(OKC CD scan thanks to Merche, even tho i didn't get permission first)
(also thanks to
Vanessa & Shani and Wil)

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