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Hello ,

Welcome to the Reedblaster 2000 website. The Reedblaster MK1 and MK2 units have been developed after many months of developing and testing and are designed exclusively for The Accordion's tonal requirements. The added benefit of easy installation without drilling holes or modifying the accordion in any way is a significant factor, as you may well know.

The MK1 is an Arrow shaped aluminium channel housing two electret microphones and a buffer pre-amplifier board powered by a 9-volt battery. This unit is for right hand pick up only and suits band/group work.

The MK2 is ideal for solo work and is constructed from diecast aluminium. A high quality clip on mike is used for right hand pick-up while an internal built in mike-picks up left hand bass. This unit also incorporates a buffer pre-amp. power indicator and output control as per MK1. Both units attach with velcro.

The MK1 and MK2 each sell for $399 (Australian + postage and handling) and offers excellent value compared to other units currently available.

Due to recent high demand , there is a 28-day waiting period for delivery. Orders can be placed via E-MAIL or by writing to :

17 Hobley Way Spearwood , Perth , Western Australia 6163

Please include your name, address and telephone number as well as your payment details.

Should you have any further questions , I would be made more than happy to assist. Thanks again for your enquiry.

Rob Zygadlo A.A.S.A

Reedblaster 2000