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Pearl Street Nightclub Staff Photos 2000

The "A" Team! Ben, Mitch, Jay, Chris, and Chris.

I don't look too old next to these young punks. Do I?

That's Chris at the "Back Bar" in the Ballroom.

Hey, who's the new rookie bartender?

That's Townsy, the Iron Horse Group Mercenary. He does everything for the team.
Wanna sit on his lap?

The Pearl Street Karioke Team! What the heck were we singing? I look like a giant!

Some of the boys outside the Iron Horse at the Christmas Party. Looks like another smoke machine!

That's my cigar connection. Local celebrity "Iron Horse Jerry".
How many rings do you think he is wearing?

Great Team!

I hope we didn't scare you!

1999 IHEG Holiday Party Slide Show

Jay holsing