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Enclave began in 1998 under the name Black Dawn. Since then, Enclave's sole member has released numerous cassettes, and several discs' worth of noise beautiful noise. Each album has a unique feel and style of experimental noise, ranging from warmsynthetic drones, to harsh screeching static, to background noise re-shaping, to straightforward power electronics, to distorted, sampled sound collages.

-Enclave Releases:-
-The Black Dawn Tapes (2000-CDR-#NEPNO01)
-Fetal (2000-CDR-#NEPNO02)
-Apparent Sensory Impressions (2001-CDR-#NEPNO05)

-Releases From Enclave Side Projects:-

-as Black Dawn-The Little Plastic Army Men E.P. (1999-Cassette-#NEP06)
-Valis-A Pre-Recorded Universe (2001-CDR-#NEPNO04)
-Eigenstate-Malice for Assistance (2001-CDR-#NEPNO06)

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--Hear "River Run, past Eve and Adam" by Enclave side-project Eigenstate--
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