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Collision Sect performing live 5/10/03 at the W.A.G.

Low, almost droning keyboards, looped hand percussion, and low-key samples create subtle ambience with sinuous rhythmic elements.
Collision Sect (formerly Line) is the solo project of Brian Goodhue, also known for his work with Bathos Mantra, Tsuru, SanRanSei and Translucence, Whisper Diminish.

-Line/Collision Sect Releases:-
-Line (1999-Cassette-#NEP04-Now Out Of Print)-:Exit Ritual: (2003-CDR-#CS01-Now Out of Print [was a highly limited edition release available for one night only, at a performance 11/23/03] )
-Look for the first full-length Collision Sect disc "someday..."

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