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Learn how to play a guitar

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Welcome to the One and Only Nepali Tab Site on the net. This is the first Nepali tab site ever designed for Nepalese guitarists and guitar lovers. This site offers guitar tabs, guitar chords, and lyrics of popular Nepali songs. If you have tabs or chords of Nepali songs, please submit here at Nepali Tab Site. Also if you have a website, feel free to add it here.

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What's Cool

Bidesh Jane Mayalu-Deepak Thapa
Timi Pari -Kandara
Samjhana Timro-Nabin Bhattari

What's New

Parelima-1974 A.D.
Jati Maya Laye Pani-Arun Thapa
Jindagi Ko Ke Bharosa-Madhyanah

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