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Morrissey & The Smiths music (MP3)

and midi files

last change : 22/09/01

Ok, ok I know very well how i will lost my name

so now yo can get some songs of the Thank your lucky stars show
just go here

Pick one

Morrissey or The Smiths

you can find more mp3 in:
MP3 of the week

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Alist of something that I have in mp3 format, i have more..


*If you want a song, just ask me, ask me ask me and if i have it, i´ll be glad to make you happy. You can mail me .

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Wenn Sie einen Antrag haben, einfach fragen Sie mich daß und wenn ich ihn habe, ich ihn dieser Site hinzufüge.
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Well this is a song of one of the best and expired band of Spain: Héroes del Silencio, and this song is from their 2nd album, called "Senderos de Traición", so here is a good song, and let me tell you that this band has nothing on comon whit Morrissey or the Smiths, żDanke shün?

La carta

moz ring