T-Bone's Lyrics R Us


Since Nov. 23 1999 I have been giving out lyrics
to your favorite bands songs.

The Request Line is now open. to save me time I
ask all of you are 4 things:

2. Artist Name
3. Song Title
4. Lyrics to song(s)

I will look at what ya'll send and I will send you
an e-mail to tell you if I will or will not add
it. It will take a day or 2 for me to add whatever
ya'll send me, also if you are e-mailing me a song
from a Japanese Anime show(F/E: DBZ, Yuyu Hakusho,
Inuyasha, FLCL, or anything anime) please supply the

1. Subject:ReQuEsT aNiMe
2. Show title
3. Song title
4. Lyrics to song(s)
if you can find the song lyrics in both English and Japanese, by all means
send it ASAP.

Attention: I need someone to translate the
following songs for me:

Ride on Shooting Star - Ending to Furi Kuri
Toki wo Koete - Opening to Kaitou Saint Tail
Junshin - Ending to Kaitou Saint Tail

I will give credit to anyone who does.

Also, follow these rules:

No Boy bands(Please don't piss me off)
No songs that contain lyrics that targets hate to
a different race(African-Americans, chinese,
Japanese, ect.).
No e-mails with request of bands that are listed
on Rejects page on Misc. page.
No bands from the 50's-80's.(there are exceptions)
Do not cencor lyrics, leave them be.

If you people piss me off at anytime I will stop
taking request. So e-mail me soon.

If you see this *artist name* I have just added
this artist to this web site.

one more thing,have a nice day(o^_^o).

site owner


P.S. Attention everyone who said it would never
happen guess what I had over 10,000 hits on
May 30, 2001.
To all of you who visit my web site I owe you a
big THANX and I hope ya'll come again.

Lyrics are the intellectual property of their
respective owners

1999-2004 T-bone's Lyrics R Us

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