Love and Light Bridge around the World

About Paul and Mieke

Mieke Benton was born in 1970 in the city of Gent, Belgium. Paul was born in 1949 in Hood River, Oregon, USA.

From a young age, Mieke had many out-of-the-ordinary experiences that others didnít seem to talk about or know about. Questions such as "Who am I" and "Why am I here?" guided her to the path of alternative healing, geomancy, UFO investigations, inter-dimensional realities, consciousness expansion, mind control, and more.

At age 27, through Divine intervention, she met Paul and his three then-young children in an international alternative healing retreat in Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon. Many unexpected synchronicities made it clear they were meant to be together. Mieke moved with her Golden Retriever to Hood River, Oregon, to start their new life together.

After they got married, they realized they both had Extra-Terrestrial and other out-of-the-ordinary experiences and felt guided to share their experiences with the world. They travel the world and assist others in sharing their experiences.

Paul and Mieke: "We are happy to be alive on this planet now. These are extraordinary times. Life is an adventure! We all have our unique part to play. Each one of us has a story to tell!"

The Love and Light Bridge is based in the USA and traveling worldwide. Connecting, sharing, guiding, facilitating, and supporting people, young and old, on their path called "Life on Planet Earth and Beyond."

Love and Light Bridge around the World