Consult with Mieke:

* Explore your Journey to Love, Truth and Freedom. Choose Love over Fear.
* Explore the Mysteries of your life. Your Life has meaning and purpose.
* Write your own life story. Where do you start?

Consult with Paul and Mieke:

* Explore your relationship with yourself, others, and the world.
* The journey of transforming The Old Masculine and Old Feminine habits and beliefs into Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Expressions.

Interviewing Paul and Mieke

Paul and Mieke are available for Interviews. They share their personal experiences with relationships, ETs and UFOs, our multidimensional and divine essence, their Journey into Health and Healing, and the Truths and Lies they discovered on their journeys.

Share circles

We all are living our lives and have a story to tell. If we share what we have lived from the heart, we can benefit from hearing each other's experiences. Paul and Mieke are offering circles in person and online.

A few of the topics Paul and Mieke are experiencing and exploring in their own lives:

* We are interdimensional divine beings of unconditional love having a human experience.
* We are creators and are here on earth to create.
* Discovering what we want to create from the heart is part of a process.
* Creating a positive relationship with our bodies.
* Stopping the negativity in its tracks.
* Realizing the difference between living from the mind and the heart.
* Opening up to the joys of life.
* Exploring the difference between self-esteem and self-love.
* Exposing anger as a defense mechanism.

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