Love and Light Bridge around the World

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My Life is a Mystery

“When connecting the pieces of the puzzle of my life
I discover a larger picture of reality!

~ Mieke Benton


Have you ever experienced any unusual things, maybe you call them miracles or unexplained mysteries or things people do not talk about? My life has been a series of miracles and mysteries. Some of them so unusual that I didn’t have any reference points to compare them with. I kept them in my consciousness, like a book I put back on the shelf to be picked up again later.

The longer I live, the more those experiences start to have meaning and the more I figure out why they are part of the mystery of my life and life in this universe. They didn’t seem to be related to each other at the time they occurred, but now I see they do.

Piece by piece I am putting the puzzle together. I always loved making puzzles and this one is truly my most favorite!

By doing so, I gain some understanding. All these experiences are part of a very large story, it’s the story of life in all it’s forms, it’s the story of consciousness, it is the story of humanity. You and I and everyone else are part of this story, we all play our own very important and unique parts.

Have you ever wondered who you are and why you are here and what your life is really all about? If we pay attention to the details and use our minds to put the pieces together we can see that there is meaning to our lives and that there is a reason for everything.

As long as I remember I have experienced very unusual things. To name just a few, who or what applied the breaks on my bike and prevented me from being hit by a sports car at age 11? Why am I just now getting more clarity about those terrifying moments of contact with extraterrestrials or inter-dimensional beings as a child and why wouldn’t my parents acknowledge my experiences? Why do some people and animals that I know who have died come to me with messages? Why did my head turn to the left by itself, just in time to see a space craft shoot into a 90 degree angle and disappear?

Besides the fact that I experienced those things and many more, it was even as strange that nobody else seemed to experience similar things, or at least nobody was talking about it. Everyone seemed to be living their daily, agreed upon “normal lives” and had no desire to question or discuss the unexplainable.

What I experienced was labeled as “just a dream” or “not true”, so what do you do? What if others don’t believe you, laugh at you or call you crazy? There was no place to go to talk about these things, so I kept them to myself. Maybe you recall some of these moments yourself in your life!

In 2016, we felt the time was right to start sharing what we experienced with the world. You might believe us or not. We are aware that we might be judged. We totally understand that. It is good to be discerning and not believe anything if it is not experienced first hand by yourself. Our experiences are proof to us. We have nothing to proof to anyone, only a desire to understand our own experiences and make sense of it all. In the first place we are writing our experiences down for ourselves, it validates our life and acknowledges the things we have lived. Being able to honestly and openly share with others and communicate about it, is what truly brings us joy, inner freedom and peace.

Everyone has their own unique experiences and life lessons learned. When we share ours, maybe others will be inspired to share their own stories, or at least they will see that it is possible and totally ok to talk about it.

Love and Light Bridge around the World