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Keep'er Lit's St. Patrick's Day Weekend Marathon

Well folks, it was a lot of music, a lot of festivities, and a LOT of Guinness! We finally recovered and captured the pictures on the web page for posterity. Let the pictures load, Scroll through and enjoy the photos of the band, the fans and the good craic! Special THANKS to Cathy for taking so many of these pictures while the band played on!

Here are the proud winners of the 2nd Annual Keep'er Lit! SILLY RAFFLE- Congratulations everyone!


Fiona's happy- the Guinness is flowing and no one has doused the band nor asked her to sing "Danny Boy"...yet...

The band sets the pace Fiona offers up a lovely Irish Ballad

Oh Yeah, why don't you come up and sing it yourself!

Dan demonstrates his preferred drum technique

Watch out, that mandolin is lethal in the wrong hands!

Shh...Arti is concentrating!

And the crowd is dancing up a storm!

Arti's hungry!


There were so many great people - here's just a sampling of who was there!

SPECIAL CHEERS to Bill Sr. and Cathy!!!!

Keep'er Lit spans the generations

some of our youngest and oldest fans

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