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Musician's Pages

Visit the fabulous Jerry Piper band
The wonderful band Celtic Fire
Visit Andy Cooney and check out his new CD
You can visit The Noel Henry Band through this site
Sorcha Dorcha (Dark Sarah) Ballad & Ceile Band
Sarah & Bill's homepage
See what's happening with Keep'er Lit alum Tony Soll
The lovely Sara Wendt's website
Bryan Brown and his band Shanghai Love Motel
Chad Parson
Vic Thrill (aka Billy Campion)

Other Nifty Links (suggestions? let us know!)

For info on all things Celtic
The Session - a great resource for trad tunes
Chip and Fipple, a surreal superpower sight for whistlers
For info on how to trace your Irish roots
For links to Irish Music sites
More Irish Music links and info
For all things harp-related
Rev Billy & The Church of STOP SHOPPING
For live broadcasts of your favorite Irish musicians
The History Of Tea