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Keep 'er Lit! Hall of Fame

We've had quite a few guests and friends sit in with us over the years, and a few changes along the way. Here's a trip down memory lane - and check back, because now that we've entered the digital age with our new camera, we'll be updating photos regularly!

Tony Soll, John Thomas, Debbie Reilly, and Bill Bell -

- the original founding members of Keep'er Lit!

news of the band reached overseas - this is from The Longford Leader

We will always love Debbie Reilly and can't wait till she pops on in for a song! Cheers Deb!

Bill Bell on mandolin

...and Sarah originally just played oboe!

Andrei is our man on bass

Bill doing his best Taj Mahal impersonation

the Band today

...and more to come...

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