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With toons like her monster US hit Genie In A Bottle, Christina Aguilera's soon gonna rule the world. We caught up with her for a natter...

When did you start singing?
I was about five. I loved the film, The Sound Of Music, and I used to sing all the songs. I used to sing at friends' parties and when people started applauding and cheering for me, I then realised that was what I wanted to do for a career.

So now did you become a glammed-up pop kitten?
I started on a show called The Mickey Mouse Club which is like a variety show for kids in America. I didn't have an agent or anything, but I went to an open audition in my hometown of Pittsburgh when I was about nine. I didn't hear anything for ages and then, when I turned 12, I got a call from the show saying they'd kept my tape and wanted me to audition again. So I tried out again and ended up getting the job with people like Britney Spears and 'N SYNC. It was a lot of fun. From there on in I've been concentrating on getting a record deal.

Do yo listen to Britney?
Yeah I do, I think her songs are great. But my favourite singers are Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. When I was at high school I performed my first-grade talent show singing I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney. Mariah is my absolute hero though and when I read about people comparing me to her I get excited about it 'cause it's such a great compilment. I'm dying to meet her, I hope she's cool.

Which famous people have you met so far?
Drew Barrymore who was really sweet. She's one of my favourite actresses and I was so excited to meet her. I was having dinner at this restaurant in LA and she was sat at the next table. I'd nearly finished my dinner before I worked up the courage to go and say, "Hi". Eventually I did and she was so sweet.

If you weren't singing, what do u think you'd be doing?
I couldn't imagine doing anything else but one thing I'be always wanted to do is sing with a rock band. I really want to rock out and be the girl lead in a male rock group. A bit like Gwen Stefani with No Doubt. I'd love to be like that. I think I might experiment with that later on.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
My album's just been released in America and went straight to No.1, which is brilliant so I'm going to be concentrating on that as well as promoting it around the world. I'm going all over Europe 'cause Genie's doing really well there. Then I'm doing some concerts in America with TLC and a couple with Backstreet Boys. It's all really, really exciting!