This section is where you, the fans, can send me songs, stories, poems, etc. that you've written about the Goos. I thought of this section when a friend sent me "Johnny the Goo Man," a song about John she wrote to the tune of "Frosty the Snowman."

"Johnny the Goo Man" by Esther
John-ny the Goo-man
Is a gifted, gorgeous soul!
With his sky blue eyes and his cool tattoos
And a voice that's just pure gold!

John-ny the Goo-man
Took the hard road to the top!
Yes, he's paid his dues, and he's sung the blues
And it's time he's king of pop!

He's had the loving friendship of his loyal buddy, Rob!
And they're making news around the world, as the latest big heart THROB!

John-ny the Goo-man
You deserve your big success!
We're so glad you're tops!
Please don't ever stop!
And we wish you all the BEST!