Space Oddity Mercury 1969.

MUSICIANS: David Bowie: vocals,guitar,stylophone / Rick Wakeman: keyboards / Terry Cox: drums / Tim Renwick, Keith Christmas, Mick Wayne: guitar / Tony Visconti: bass, flute,recorder / Herbie Flowers:bass / Benny Mardhall And Friends:Harmonica / Paul Buckmaster:cello    *MOWMOM=Man Of Words Man Of Music, the original US title.

OVERALL: This album isn't that great, but it is better than most people are willing to admit. It is all hippie/folkie type stuff, but most of it works. A definite sense of maturity had shown in Bowie since his Deram era, but he still didn't have the ability to write a whole lp's worth of decent material, as a lot of the more boring stuff proves. Still, the highlights often outshadow the lowlights and are among Bowies 60's best. Just don't expect them all to be as good as 'Space Oddity'. Grade:B-

1.Space Oddity 5:14

David's first big hit and a definite classic. 60's space rock doesn't get much better than this.

Grade: B+

2.Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed 6:10

A droning, repetative, long song that really doesn't get very far. One of the lesser tracks on the album. Grade: C                        

3.Don't Sit Down 0:39

A short ditty that's little more than a studio jam. Doesn't take up much of the album though. I definitly prefer it to Unwashed And Somewhat ect. Grade: B-

4.Letter to Hermione 2:30

This one's pretty boring,but has a good melody. Grade:B-

5.Cygnet Committee 9:30

One of Bowie's best, this long, multi-narrative epic is spectacular. It's a very haunting song,the kind that I just love. The melody is very good as is instrumentation. Grade:A+                                                                                                                                              6.Janine 3:19

A 60's love song with few surprises. Grade:B-   

7.An Occasional Dream 2:56

Like 'Letter To Hermione' only more boring. Grade:C+

8.The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud 4:47 

Ahh, another great song. Good meloncholy lyrics, melody,and orchestration. Grade:A+ note: there is a different version of this on the Sound and Vision box Set that is just as good if not better than the original. The main difference is that it has less orchestration.

9.God Knows I'm Good 3:16

I've always liked this one, Bowie's second market square story (the first being 'Come And Buy My Toys'). The lyrics are actually the weakest part, but this upbeat one really chugs along nicely. Grade:B+

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10.Memory Of A Free Festival 7:07

Now this one doesn't really work. Too boring,too much accordian. Stick with the single version (keep scrolling.....) Grade:C+

The Prettiest Star 3:09 1970 single,on Sound And Vision box set and Best Of Bowie 69-72.

A very good ballad with some nice guitar from Marc Bolan, a.k.a. T Rex. Grade:A                                                                                                                                            

Conversation Piece 3:05  !970 B-side of 'The Prettiest Star',on Ryko re-issue .

This is very boring, but really isn't in the vein of the rest of the album. Grade:C-

note:interesting players on this one:Bowie,Renwick,Hype drummer John Cambridge,and Moody Blues bassist John Lodge.


Memory of a Free Festival(pts 1+2) 7:30 1970 single,on Ryko re-issue .

This one is a 100% better version than the original. It gets a "Man Who Sold The World" makeover, featuring heavy guitar from Mick Ronson and great synth work from Ralph Mace(I'm assuming). Grade:A+ note:players on this are the same as on the MWSTW album. Scroll down to see them(maybe..).


London Bye Ta Ta 2:33 Rec. 1970, From the Sound And Vision box set.

This one was recorded a variety of times between '68 and '70,with many different musicians. The released version features Mick Ronson on guitar. It is a silly song but very catchy. Grade: B+

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