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Deah Dame Memorial Page

This page is dedicated in loving memory to (Debra Deah Dame Hurd), (9/20/58-6/27/94 who launched Laface records by being the very first artist signed to the label, and then Damian teamed up with her. She was blessed with a wide vocal range, beautiful voice, dancing talents, good looks, nice figure, very proffessional attitude and a down to earth personality. She didn't even want to be in the spotlight at all times, being the center of attention. With all these qualities, she managed to stay real, with a nice disposititon (so all the rest of you beautiful and talented people, take heed. In conclusion, she was an all around role model. May she now sing with the choir of angels. RIP- Your fans all around the world miss, love and won't forget you, Deah.

All sound clips are wav clips, because everyone can hear them, where some people can't hear certain types of real audio. So, this means that it will take longer to download, so please have (patience saidith the Lord) All clips are about 30 seconds or more, and sometimes cut off short, so you may have to do it twice to hear it all.(sorry about that-I haven't a clue why that happens). It's best heard and plays correctly and completely with netscape navigator.

All songs were written by Deah Dame/Music by Damian except for "When I'm crying , but it's a solo of her, so I decided to put it on her page, and also "Guess U didn't know", which is on Damian's solo album, and is an important dedication song to her.

Thanks for visiting and paying your respects. If you come across this page first, you can click on my Damian Dame link to read more about Deah's music career, etc. If you'd like a copy of her first self titled solo album, I'd he happy to make you a copy. Hopefully in the future I can put some sound clips on this page. Please report any broken links, or sound problems to me.


My sister- Melba Katrina Hicks ( 2/13/1958 - 9/20/2000) -RIP- big sis, If there's a heaven, I know you're there-(Ms. Faithful)- watch over K'tia- continue to guide her. (Love & Miss U). My deepest thanx goes to the devoted friends and The New Deliverance Evangelsitic Church Family in Richmond, VA for taking extra care of Melba and K'tia and extending yourselves to me.

My brother Marvin L. Hicks (Sporty) (8/8/1960 - 1/19/1991) - RIP- Hope you're in a better place -there 's no rest for the weary here big bro, ya know! Watch over Marvin Jr. (Love & miss ya)

Christine Marie Melton Hicks (3/6/1939 - 4/15/2003) (RIP)- now you can be with Melba and Marvin.(Love and peace to you, will miss you).

My friend Sandra Rosado (Sandy)- the party may be over, but the peace has begun. Those who live in peace-rest in peace- For it is written.( Miss ya girl)

Bruce Edward Broadus (Damian)- RIP- your boyz R gonna keep your memory and music going on and on......

Gene Anthony Ray - (5-24-62 - 11-14-03) Rest in peace my sweet Angel- One of the warmest people I ever known. I pray you found what you couldn't find on earth, but I know you felt the love at your homegoing. Hugs and Kisses xxxxxxx, I wll love you always. Dance your way to the heavenly skies. Thanks to your mom ( Ms. Jean E. Ray )-(Thanks for visiting me, I enjoyed your company , talk with you soon,shout outs to his Aunt Beverly, Karim, Nairobi) and Manager Selma Rubin and to James Cannings. Pay your respects to Gene at the link below and at the Fame website . Someone did a beautiful video tribute to him. or

Antoine (TCD) Lundy and Charles (Mercury) Nelson of the Force MD's-someone should do a webpage for the Force Md's- since they can't seem to maintain.

Edith Lefel ( Caribbean Songwriter/singer-( a real humanitarian and genuine soul),Rest in Peace and watch over Matthew and Chris. Miss you much.

Pay Homage to Edith Lefel by cicking her link at the bottom of this page.

RIP Joe Vincent (Soul Sounds, SSV) Thank you so much for all of your time and help re: Debra Hurd".

RIP Michael Jackson. I've always believed you, no matter what people think or say. No man nor woman on this earth is worthy of judging anyone unless they've walked in their shoes. I pray you're in peace.

RIP, Ms. Teena Marie, Lady Tee- you are a legend an icon, you've paved away for other artist, You're voice is the greatest and will live on forever. Love you always.

RIP Aunt Carolyn V. Coleman, miss you much, and you're in a better pain free place now. Thanx so much for everything, I really appreciate it, more than you know. Love ya.

RIP Amy Winehouse, my British Idol, there'll never be another you, so talented, gone too soon, I'll rock your music forever. Thanks for the inspiration, luv and miss ya much.

shout outs to Deah's Peeps - Joseph Vincent, Deborah Robinson, Brent Musson, and Janet Hurd.

. Shout outs to my family in NY, back home in the Carribean and in Richmond, Virginia.

Shout outs to My niece K'tia and her son Kavan.

Congratulations to my friend Tiffany on writing your book "Mind Blowing Decisions". I wish you much success with it and your upcoming CD.

DO NOT cut/paste or copy any of my pictures or use sound clips from this websites without authorization of Marlene A. Richards. I thank you kindly for your cooperation.

Marlene A. Richards
All Rights Reserved

Lady Richards, Bronx NY


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