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Obfuscate Reviews and Interviews

New! 06/15/02: Here are some reviews for your reading pleasure from the Home made version of Sickly Evil.

1: WOW Good Mood, I really am into the loud vocals thing. The song really makes you want to get up and smash something. Your pits are probably wicked. All I can say is I wish I knew where you guys played at I would love to see ya. - guitarplyr48 Levittown, Pennsylvania

2: I am scared! as far as mood goes, this track scares me. I dug the faster part that comes about two minutes in the best. it is the chorus , i guess.this is obviously not a commercial song but it is cool. I would like to hear more from this band. - Lazlowrecords Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

3: oh yeah! this song made me angry, but not towards you. just in general, thats the feeling i had, made me want to break something! i hope thats what you were acheiving! - NoIntention Springfield, Massachusetts

4: And My Favorite Review! Can you say PENTAGRAM? CAN YOU SAY SATAN? brutal guitar intro - soundwise guitars reminds me of Slayer. Very dark opening, orchestration is a nice touch. The drummer seemed to be barely pulling his weight. The rest of the stuff is good, haunting, reminds me of one of the scandinavian pionieers of the death metal genre - Bathory. ood job lads, it made the hair of my neck stend up. Very dark and EEEEVIIIIIIIL! Satan probably jams to this as exercise music. - diabolical69 Houston, Texas

5: aggro i like the beginning part with the build up of energy. The drums could have been produced a bit better, but the atmosphere created by the synthesis of the the vocals and rhythms is generally quite good. originality would have scored u more points. - slugworth_uk Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom

6: ballsy vocals the music is a little generic but it is heavy and the kind of shit i like. maybe this just needs better production. - drDOOM Las Vegas, Nevada

New! 06/15/02: Here is a Interview from Martin Lazarte Castro at Explosion Cerebral zine & Webzine


1- Could you tell us the history of your band?

Sure, I formed it after being removed from Michigan's Black Metal Band Dark Eden. I want this career so badly, I told my former band members I will never stop. I am obsessed with my Metal Music. But, um, As of press date, I am solo. I do all the insturments myself and vocals. I have been at it since January of this year 2002. Have already appeared on HeavyCore's Compilation CD. Appear on,, Am a current member of, ArtistDirect, Michigan Musician's Union, currently have a web site, demos, flyers, Business Cards. I have bought the name Obfuscate for "Entertainment Musicly" catagory with city, state, and nation wide coverage.

2- For anyone who hasn't heard the music of your band, Can you give us a description regarding your style?

Vairous types of Death Metal. Like for example: Six Feet Under meet's Morbid Angel and Death type style. With an evil disturbing sound.

3- Are you involve with other side projects, any from your band involved?

No, I have thought about it, but my main goal is to fill the empty slots and gig out as much as possible.

4- What are your influences, how did they caught your attention?

Shit, a ton. Slayer (enough said), Dismember, Six Feet Under, Death, Morbid Angel, Overkill, Dimmu Borgir, Sepultura, Cradle of Filth, Exodus, Anthrax, Megadeath, Nuclear Assault, etc, etc. They caught my attention by being LOUD, HEAVY, AND PURE METAL.

5- What do you do besides playing from the band?

I work at a sucky job. I dabble in Movies, WWE wrestling, Video Games (Playstation 1 & 2 mostly, but have computer games). I collect different forms of Action figure toys with G.I. Joe, Spawn type figures, to Hot Wheels. All the way to Skulls, Demon figures, Dragon's. And I also dabble in alot of Body Art. (which u can see on my web site)

6- What do you know of Peru or Southamerica?

Not a hole lot. I know the names, but I sucked in global history and shit like that. I know Egypt is in South America, which is also another hobbie of mine. (the study of)

7- What is the meaning behind the band's name and why you choose it?

The word "Obfuscate" means "to darken or confuse" or "to make obscure". It comes from the Latin verb "OBFVSCARE". And why? That's pretty funny in a way. In my former band, we ran into a issue that we may not be able to use the band's name. So we wrote up a bunch of names on a paper. I made my own list and had my friends online help. Then I held on to it for a long time. Around Dec 2001. I emailed some friends and sent them the list. I asked them all, "Which name stands out the most?" And more then half said "Obfuscate". We don't know what it means, but it caught my eye."

8- How do you get motivated to make metal music?

Drink some liquid nutrilizer's, (Smirnoff Ice) and/or Listening to some of my Favorite metal bands. Then think and disifer it in my head. Then just go and wail.

9- Have you any notable live shows, how are your gigs?

Not with Obfuscate. But I did play out quite often when I ran Dark Eden.

10- Any future plan?

To keep on playing Metal Music even if I never make the big leauge.

11- Any last commnet?

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