prurient a simple mark (c60 from hospital productions)
dominick fernow's first recording as prurient. there is a lot of tape hiss, and some fuzzy overdubbing, just like the first recording of anyone with the desire but without the best equipment. the sound itself is actually pretty intricate at times, generated by any number of sources, including dirt and garbage according to the catalogue description. it sounds like it too, i'm not even going to guess what some of the sources were for some of this. occasionally recognizable everyday sounds appear, like the squeak of a faucet or a telephone ringing, but it's like looking at your normal surroundings through a film of garbage, like every speck of dirt and germ and dirty thing that you usually overlook has been magnified, making everything look horrific. sounds crash and rumble against each other, getting pretty disturbing at times, like the weird screaming/banging/water/feedback on side two [i don't know which track exactly]. you almost expect this tape to leave stains on your hands, it's so messy and dirty and awful.. i guess hospital is cleaning up their catalogue and getting rid of some of their older releases; i don't know if this is one of the ones that's going out of print, but order it just in case.