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v/a "Eat Dead Flies 1" compilation CS
6/10 - [Eat Dead Flies]
     This is a collection of tracks from more than 15 different noise artists, including notables such as The Haters. I'll mention some of the more impressive tracks herein. DBaCC offers up strange combinations of harsh/ambient sculptures with nice, sweeping bass tones under grating harsh cuts. Ecclesiastical Scaffolding's track, "Darkness III", is supreme dark electronics. Very clear and absolutely dismal hums and low tones. Hypnotic, murky... excellent! Brxtnle's appearance is fairly strong, another combination of both harsh and ambient styles with lots of dirty, muffled loops and grating feedback swells. A nice, clear recording and wide tonal range. Swamp Cooler creates bizarre overloaded bass tones with strange bursts cutting in and out of the piece. Season of Discontent's lo-fi harsh piece falls under the fitting title "Floating Through the Space Debris", as there's some sort of unusual, spacey frequency throughout the thick explosions of overly distorted noise. Repetitive, but not bad. The final track comes from Guntgrutcher. Grind? Noise? What? I don't know... but it's highly distorted and sounds like grindcore hidden somewhere in there. The compilation is tastefully packaged in a legible black and white layout (numbered of 100 copies) with a plastic fly glued to the center of the tape case... a nice touch. Many of the tracks here seem to be too long and repetitive for their own good. The collection itself is pretty good, there's a lot of interesting pieces from lesser known bands. However, at the same time there are a number of tracks that are bland and forgettable.
[Notable bands: Ecclesiastical Scaffolding, Swamp Cooler]