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january18:::::::i lost some time between this and the last update. i have some new reviews and some new releases, and a few dead links on my page i need to track down... i've been doing a lot of noise related stuff, just not posting it on my page. anyway, here is an update for you.
--'rotting dan' was going to be on a one minute split tape with ovum from YSQ called Short 2, but i don't know if it's going to happen...
--plans have been made to release
fir street, a tape i recently recorded with no computer intervention whatsoever, on Childish Tapes
industrial park is being released by thoraxis alchemy labratories, or rather their sub label thaltapes.
--material has been sent for a split with mayan media superstars, quid. more on that as i know more.
--spanish noise duo hinyouki and myself are about to put out a split/collab cd entitled
snow white
--i've submitted an approximately one minute long track to KLÄNG #4, it's a remix of 'the intoxicated' off of
pop tunes? called 'brief duet for drunken beasts'
--the freenoise
schtupschtup, improvised by myself and algee is set to be released on Hur man byter MIDI-kanal some time in the future, possibly on Lucha Libre, also
--andy kisaragi of Yuffie's Sub Quest stopped by on his trip through the states and we laid down some improv noise, which is going to be edited and released sometime, possibly on YSQ, possibly on Lucha Libre. time will tell.
--also from YSQ (just click the link above, i'm too lazy to add it again) is a cd of harsh noise tracks to which i have contributed 'nastasia, or nasty to her friends'.
--'train' has been submitted to a comp to be released by mandarangan recordings out of chicago, which is seeking more contributions, check out the site for more info.
--'someone's at the door', a track made entirely out of recordings of my creaky back door, has been submitted to a compilation from To Arcadia (they don't have a website as far as i know, but you can email the guy here)

out now:
reflection coil single-on floppy disk. 3 songs in mp3 format with jpeg and windows notepad text. available from lucha libre
--self titled c60-hand printed cardstock cover, available from lucha libre recordings. track listing has been finalized as of august 18th, so from now on everyone will get the same tracks.
--jason campbell/D-503 split c60-get it for trade from lucha libre for trade
--a collaboration between myself and vok, imaginatively titled vok/d-503 is up and available for download at mp3.com
--i don't know if this counts as a track, but D-503 completists [if there is such a thing] might want to check out the Distorted Media Project, i've got a weird thing up there called 'magnetic cancer' [and something else called 'green' which i don't remember doing] ...go and make a contribution
--'kritch [buttonpush]' is on the Sound Mirror com, which i'm distributing through lucha libre
--'where are you?' 'field 12' 'death scene' and 'bee wrangler' are/will be part of the 'soundtracks to one minute films' project by anaphylaxis
--'bel deflection' is part of KLÄNG, a three inch cd comp from fognin and one brain records, go here for info
--remix of 'vok25' [by vok] called 'cathode architect 25' is on the
Verweisung double album, more info here and here.
--'ot lin imeon' and 'wt emit ilet' have been incorporated into the
Time Capsule Vol. 2 sound collage tape from FDR Recordings
--'ot lin imeon [remix]' is  on the excellent Rainbow of Goodness #11 cd
--'10:23 pm September 17' is part of the
YSQ1 comp from Yuffie's Sub Quest Recordings,
no. 83345, fuzzy tape loops and noises for one side of a c60, with something unique to each copy on the second side.
pop tunes? is out on Yuffie's Sub Quest Recordings, with handmade packaging by me [nothing special, the only reason it's handmade is cos i don't have the money to do otherwise]. see YSQ for more info.
--'a stagnant drop of water' is on volume one of the
eat dead flies comp, out now.
--'starting the death march' opens the su pollard deconstructions comp, follow the link for more info about that one.
--an untitled seventeen second track is on KLÄNG 3 cd, check it out at their site.
--'morning disintegration', a remix of the anaphylaxis track 'feedback integration' appears on the
critical approaches to american music remix cd
--a split between myself and anaphylaxis with both of us using skipping/manipulated cds as sound sources, to rather different ends, is available from either him or my label lucha libre, limited to thirty copies split between us.
tube testing features vok, jason campbell, DIER, phroq, anaphylaxis, orators, nasakenai douji, âmes sanglantes, river fish duo, matt, quid and brutum fulmen and myself remixing the various versions of my track 'vacuum tube'. out now through lucha libre. feel fre to check out the DIER mix [called 'hippopotamus hide'], the anaphylaxis mix [named 'soothe'] or the âmes sanglantes mix at my mp3.com page.
--'cookie monsta', a remix of the yuffie kisaragi track 'what kind of monsta?' is on the
untitled monsta related comp from YSQ
--'the right bullet' is on the
two ducks on a truck compilation from Hospital Recordings
--'sun dog' is out now on the
1975: franco is dead comp, released by hinyouki

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