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Finger Eleven is:

Trusting the instinct, it's not about what you think, the one reaction is only to obey
The meaning of Finger Eleven from the song "Above"

Finger Eleven formed in 1994 but have been together much longer. They started in high school under the band name "Rainbow Butt Monkeys". Their music sounds like a mix between Our Lady Peace and Korn. Lead singer Scott Anderson says "There's a lot of Canadian interest in why we changed the name. It's frustrating to have someone see a Finger Eleven show and then ask, Why did you change the name?' Either they didn't pay attention or we're not doing our job properly". He pauses and then continues "Finger Eleven songs are about smarter songwriting". "With Tip, we constructed this musical ride you could listen to all the way through. Those are the best albums." Tip is heavy guitar oriented music with melody ("I think heavy music could use more melody," Scott says), sonicly arresting and emotionally deep. Layers of explosive Tool-like riffs and meditative singing alternate with hard, edgy vocals and gentle grooves, usually where you'd least expect it. "We weren't afraid to go really soft here, and really hard there, reverse the norm. We did that with "Above," and I thought it was the silliest idea in the world - until we tried it. We made changes in tempo and timing. It was great." Written three years ago, the songs remain vibrant and relevant. "And frustrating too. I wrote these songs to exorcize emotions, confront questions and move on. Yet, I still have little revelations. It's all really emotional and close to my heart. I like that, in a bittersweet kind of way." As you can see there is meaning and matter behind this band. Their only released album under the name "Finger Eleven" was Tip with the hit songs "Quicksand", "Tip" and "Above". They are working on their new album yet and have completed 2 songs "Suffocate" which can be sampled at and "Walking in my shoes" which can be heard at the band's audio section.
Here is a list of the songs from Finger Eleven's debut and only album so far "Tip":
Here is a list of songs from the Rainbow Butt Monkeys album "Letters from Chutney"

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